Precision breeds admiration
The moment you trust the integrity of the results even before you start measuring. This is the moment we work for.

Trust comes from confidence in the precision, which will give you accurate results. It is the perfect marriage between Machine, Software & Human. It is a feeling which you can not experiance by looking at a features but by using it.


Extend Tally.NET Subscription

The validity of Tally.NET subscription is displayed in the License block of the Info Panel, which will turn red fifteen days prior to the expiry of Tally.NET subscription, followed by the entire line appearing in red when the Tally.NET subscription expires.

On expiry of Tally.NET subscription for the respective site the following services are unavailable to the user:

  • Product and Statutory (Stat File) Updates
  • Access Data from a Remote location
  • Data synchronization using Tally.NET servers
  • Remote user creation and maintenance

In order to have uninterrupted Tally.NET services it is suggested to extend the subscription well in advance before the expiry date.

Users can extend the Tally.NET Subscription at a click while using Tally.ERP 9 for their day to day work without any extra effort. Contact us for the same.

The Tally.NET Subscription can be extended under any one of the possible scenarios:

  1. Extend Tally.NET Subscription before the end of the validity period.
  2. The Tally.NET Subscription had expired and you need to extend the Tally.NET Subscription.
  3. The Tally.NET subscription had expired earlier and you need to upgrade to the latest release of Tally.ERP 9 which was made available after the Tally.NET Subscription expired.