Precision breeds admiration
The moment you trust the integrity of the results even before you start measuring. This is the moment we work for.

Trust comes from confidence in the precision, which will give you accurate results. It is the perfect marriage between Machine, Software & Human. It is a feeling which you can not experiance by looking at a features but by using it.


Onsite & Remote Support

The following are a small list of services that are available:

Installation and Implementation services: Installation and configuration of Tally products to suit your business requirements.

Data migration services: Import data from old versions or from other applications. Having data on legacy systems is no more a reason to worry! Further will help you export data from products to other business solutions easily and effectively.

Data synchronisation set-up and support:help in setting up synchronisation of data between various offices across geographical locations to your head office.

On-site training: Require your staff to be trained for efficient use of will be glad to discuss your requirements, customise a relevant training program and conduct this on-site!